Grant is Currently Closed for Applications.

Providing scholarships to Japanese Canadian Descendants or Survivors pursuing post-secondary education in Canada. Funding for Undergraduate Studies, Vocational and Career Studies at Canadian post-secondary institutions.


First intake:
Opening Date May 1, 2023
Closing Date July 14, 2023

Second intake:
Opening Date September 1, 2023
Closing Date November 1, 2023


Each program stream has a unique set of guidelines that describe applicant eligibility, project criteria, grant amounts, and grant schedules. These guidelines must be referenced in the preparation of applications.

Category 1 – Undergraduate Studies or Vocational and Career Studies Programs at a Canadian Post-secondary Institution

Expenses pertaining to Full Time Studies (including apprenticeships) such as tuition,textbooks and living expenses (e.g., food, rent and transportation). Studies should lead to degree, diploma, certification, or professionally recognized level(s) of training. For part-time studies, eligible program funding will be prorated accordingly. 

Opening Date
September 1, 2023
Closing Date
November 1, 2023
Funding Available

Funding of up to $3,000 towards the program of study

Application is not yet open

Applications are not yet open for this stream. Please refer to the opening and closing dates and come back once they are open. In the meantime, please feel free to go over the guidelines and familiarize yourself with the criteria and eligibility requirements.

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Come back on September 1, 2023