Funding Details

The purpose of the Intergenerational Wellness stream is to assist Japanese Canadian individuals and families heal the intergenerational impacts that BC government actions in the 1940s had on the Japanese Canadian community. There are three categories of funding to support intergenerational wellness. Category 1 grants are intended to support projects that facilitate intergenerational Family Sharing & Healing. Category 2 grants are intended to assist with Seniors Intergenerational Group Wellness projects that support seniors and Survivors. Category 3 grants are intended to assist with projects that support Intergenerational Group Gatherings that address the collective historical trauma of the Internment Era experience.

DATES (subject to change)
Applications open April 15, 2024
Deadline for applications May 24, 2024
Application results out June 28, 2024
Category 1 & 3 projects must be completed by September 30, 2025
Category 2 projects must be completed by June 30, 2025

NOTE: Applicants are strongly encouraged to fill out the downloadable worksheet and included budget template that is available on the application page before copying and pasting into the online application form. Applicants are also encouraged to set up a user account as soon as possible in advance of applying online.


We have added a dedicated email and phone number to assist with families who need help setting up accounts and making applications. 

Phone: 604.760.7650 (please leave a message) | Email:

Intergenerational Wellness に関連して日本語でのサポートが必要な場合はhealing@jclegacies.comへメールにてご連絡下さい。

Download Intergenerational Wellness Guidelines